Monday, September 15, 2008


1.5ish weeks with the pigs.
They seem content.

Today I made them a larger play area so they can have more freedom. A pig pen, if you will.
After running around and peeing all over, they are now exhausted and each sleeping in their respective huts. Walter chose orange, Henry got yellow by default.

I also knit them a jute toy. Stuffed with stuff they can chew on (decomposable plant pots).
Very successful this toy. We'll need another. They do not share as well as I would like.

Walter ran around the place, bumping into the small pots. I think he's mostly blind. Henry followed, and tasted absolutely everything he could. He is particularly fond of the plastic that their new huts are made out of.

Blogging about pigs. I'm sure it will catch on. Ha.

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