Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pen and Goods

The pig pen is a huge hit. About three times the size of their regular box, it gives the pigs tons of room to run around.
They were very nervous in it at first, but now, they are very comfortable.
They run around for ages, chasing each other, bouncing off walls, and then they nap.
It makes me happy, it makes them happy.
It's a good life.

I also went out today to bloody walmart to get the pigs some goods.
New litter. Hay. Some treats. More food (cheaper = good).
AND, I got TWO cat brushes. Walter needs the brushing.
And so he and I sat together and I brushed him.
He LOVED it. That pig has never been so calm sitting on my lap. He was in heaven. I got a few pleasant (I assume) squeaks out of him.
Two different brushes we tried - a massaging one, and one that looks like a people hair brush. Both a big hit.
Henry gets it next.
I think he will also enjoy.

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Drawsmall said...

psst.. There's a plug for pig life on the birdblog.